REQ1600: Equine Photonic Red Light Therapy


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This 5-day 50+hour course (a total of 100+hours with the required field work) is taught by the international instructor Dianne Jenkins EEBW JENT . It is specifically designed to cater to both professional students: veterinarians, physical therapists, human massage therapists, equine massage therapists, chiropractors, farriers & dentists, as well as horse owners, trainers and barn managers who would like to broaden their skills of first aid and to support their horse’s health. The course is taught in such a comprehensive logical layered format, that those with little or no complementary equine care and science background will find themselves up to speed with the other professional participants.

After completing the training program and required externship, the student will be able to evaluate posture, movement and the general state of a horse’s health, and apply acupoint stimulation confidently. Equinology does not schedule these courses.


Overview of Equine Photonic Red Light Therapy        

Since the early 1980s, Photonic Red Light Therapy has been used in the horse world for treating equine concerns and helping owners and trainers keep their horses in top shape.  The tissues and cells of the body readily absorb red light at specific wavelengths. Visible red light is absorbed by the skin very efficiently and is quite safe to use to stimulate acupuncture points, trigger points and for the accelerated healing of wounds. The red lights used are not lasers, nor infrared.  There are no known reports of adverse side effects regarding Photonic Red Light therapy.

Many studies have reported great results with Photonic Red Light Therapy for the following equine, canine and human concerns: 

Emergency first aid:  Shock, colic, bleeding control

General: Wound healing, cuts, bruises, scrapes and hematomas; pre performance enhancement, arthritis pain, bursitis, burns, edema, deep muscle injuries, inflammation, tight or sore muscles.

Hoof Problems: Abscesses, inflammation, laminitis, navicular and ringbone

Legs:  All joint problems, hock, hips, stifle pain and shoulder pain, inflammation, ligament soreness, tendon issues, splints and strains.

Body and systemic dysfunction: Sore backs and necks, girth galls, sacroiliac issues, reproduction, salivary gland problems, lack of energy, over excitement and poor condition.


Our course outline includes:


Benefits of Photonic Red Light Therapy

Science of Photonic Red Light

Brain Based Healing mechanisms

Integrating science and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Locating acupoints from anatomy resources

Specifications and use of red lights

Safe Practice

Directional terms

Formulating session plans

Effects of environmental factors on treatment success


Documentation & Record keeping

Case studies & record keeping

Integrating red light into your practice


      Conformation & gait evaluation

Reading the equine body

Finding acupoints

Running meridian paths

100-point locations

Reflex tests evaluation

Locating and understanding acupoint groupings

Therapeutic skills

Detecting, assessing and interpreting change

Horse Essential Acupoints

Human Essential Acupoints

Emergency first aid

Pain management

Wound healing

Over 30 treatment plans


Course Duration:

Students attend class daily from 8am to 5pm and have additional 1 hour of evening studies.


Prerequisite: Please Note!  

You must have knowledge of directional terms, vocabulary, equine anatomy and familiarity with red light information. This is supplied in a pre-course Study Guide provided for you to complete before the course. We expect students to spend 16+hrs reviewing the study guide before the course. Please register early to ensure you receive this study guide with plenty of time to learn the contents.    Participants must have good horse ground handling skills and be thoroughly comfortable working around horses before attending this course.


Required Reading:

The ERLT Study Guide


Suggested Reading:

Photonic Red Light Quick Reference Charts Equine Canine Human by Dianne Jenkins

Veterinary Acupuncture Ancient Art to Modern Medicine by Allen M Schoen

Acupressure point charts for horses by Diana Thompson


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