Caninology® Canine Body Worker Qualifications
Levels One (CCBWI) and Two (CCBWII)

Progressive levels so you can earn as you learn!

Bodywork for canines is becoming mainstay in the agility and sport dog competitions. In addition, educated owners are realizing the potential for bodywork for their dog’s health and comfort.

Caninology® Canine Body Worker (CCBW) Certification Program Levels
Courses do not need to be taken in any order. If you see a course in the level two outline, you are welcome to attend as long as you meet any prerequisites. We welcome participants from other programs seeking continuing education as well as those just beginning their studies or looking to enhance their current knowledge and skills.

Caninology® Canine Body Worker Level I (CCBW) Certification Program

  • CN3000: Caninology® Canine Body Worker (CCBW) Certification Course

(320+ hours with CN3005 precourse study and externship)
This certification is available only to Caninology Students.
Following the course, 6 months are allowed for the externship (case studies and extra learning activities) to be completed at home.

  • CN3005: Canine Anatomy and Behavior Precourse Distance Study

Student must begin this course prior to the CCBW certification course or have proof of canine vocabulary and musculoskeletal anatomy knowledge.
Please Note: It is not required that you complete the CN3005 before attending the Canine Body Worker course but you should be very familiar with the vocabulary and skeletal system. The CN3005 final exam will need to be completed before the Caninology® Canine Body Worker certificate will be issued.

Caninology® Canine Body Worker Level II (CCBWII) Certification Program

  • CN3010: The Dynamic Dog: Biomechanics and Gait Abnormalities
  • CN3015: Advanced Canine Massage Techniques Level One
  • CN3025: Dog Behavior and Handling for the Canine Professional
  • CN3040: Canine Myofascial Release

(600+hours) Certificate of Achievement as a CCBW Level II will be issued after successful completion of the CN3010, CN3015, 3025 and CN3040 and related externships as well as the CCBW Level I Certification.