Courses Recommended by Equinology

Recommended courses are those who have been scouted or attended by Equinology Staff. Only these sound courses are listed here. At some point in time, we have offered these courses through Equinology. However, with the current state school guidelines, we are only allowed to offer those which we collect the registration on our course lists.

Acupressure Courses by Diana Thompson
Jent Red Light Courses by Dianne Jenkins
Canine Anatomy in Clay with Zahourek Systems

Some of the courses are also those required for various certification levels where you will register directly with the education company or the instructor providing the course. For example the online Equine Exercise Physiology course is offered through Guelph University and fulfills this requirement needed for the Equinology Master Equine Body Worker certification level. Click onto your course of interest for a full description, course locations, dates, prices and registration.